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  Обучающая панель Cambridge Audio LK 10 EU
Обучающая панель Cambridge Audio LK 10 EU


Вид: Другое
Производитель: Cambridge Audio

Ед. измерения: штука

Страна производителя: Англия

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Настенная панель управления Cambridge Audio Incognito LK10.  

Building on the huge success of the world’s most affordable multi-room system, Cambridge Audio launches the Incognito LK10 learning keypad greatly expanding the Incognito’s functionality. The LK10 simply connects to a KP10 amplified keypad and when used with the LR10 learning remote control can learn the IR codes from any manufacturers’ remote control so that hard disk music servers, MP3 players, CD players, DVD players, tuners and other sources can all be controlled conveniently from the wall. The keypad also features clock, alarm and sleep timer functions and an LCD screen which displays time, date and source by name. The LK10 is incredibly easy to install and fits neatly next to the KP10 plugging in directly meaning there are no additional cables to be fed to the main hub.
Multi-room entertainment systems are set to become as standard in quality homes as granite work tops in a kitchen. Incognito is an essential component of the modern home allowing people to enjoy their favourite music and movies in every room and all from a central location.

Характеристики Incognito LK10:
Производитель Cambridge Audio 
Серия Incognito 
Модель LK10 
Настенная панель управления 
Потребляемая мощность 24 V DC @ 150 mA max 
Размеры (мм) 75 x 119mm/2.9 x 4.7" – fits standard single J-Box 
Вес 0.3kg/0.66lbs


Обучаемая панель Cambridge Audio LK 10 EU

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